AAG in Mooresville Offers Great Car Prices

Pricing used cars on the market is a complex process, but with the careful use of good information technology makes it easier for both buyer and seller to be happy with the price of the car. Here at AAG, we are determined to offer the best possible price to our buyers and we put a lot of time and effort into making sure that happens. After all, happy clients help us sell more cars faster, and they refer their friends, family, and neighbors, helping our business to grow. So we’d like to give you an idea about how we determine a good price and make sure the car can deliver the value you are paying for.

Pricing a Used Car

Here are the main things we look at to determine a fair price for the quality used cars we sell:

The Kelley Blue Book

For a long time, there have been industry guides that help determine the resale value of a car. The most well-known guide used by both buyers and sellers for almost a century has been the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) Official Guide to Used Cars. KBB is now online and available to everyone. Not only do they provide accurate values for new and used cars, they provide reviews and comparisons with similar cars so you can make a well-informed choice. They’ll even value the vehicle right down to the extras (sports model, moonroof, and so on) and even consider the color of the car. They have an app for iPhone that you can use on the go.

There are other great pricing guides, too, like Edmunds and NADA guides. All these guides provide the industry and consumers with tons of great information. The best used car dealers use the information these guides provide to get a very accurate idea of how much they should charge for the cars they sell.

Pricing Each Individual Used Car

Of course, each individual vehicle has a history of its own, and it comes up for sale with its own unique “personality” that might be affected by things like road damage, maintenance history, climate or weather damage, and other general wear and tear that comes with age and level of use.

Car History Report

As part of our process of preparing a used car for sale, we check the history of each vehicle. Services like Carfax provide an electronic service history based on the car’s unique Vehicle ID Number (VIN). The VIN history report tracks accidents and repairs as well as maintenance. This help us to determine if there are any factors that might affect the value of the car.

Mechanical Check-Up

At AAG, when we bring in a used car for sale, we carry out a long list of mechanical checks, to make sure the vehicle is in good condition and ready for sale. Our extensive checklist covers all the car’s systems, including all the major electrical, mechanical and safety systems - engine, brakes, transmission, suspension, belts and hoses, battery, tires, fluids, exhaust system, ignition, lights, windows, and wipers, etc. After we inspect the car, we fix anything that needs repair or replacement to make sure the car is problem free and will run well for its new owner. We’ll also do any minor body work and paint touch up that’s needed to get the car looking it’s best.

Buyers can have Confidence in AAG Used Car Prices

At AAG, we promise to be up front and honest about our cars and their pricing. We’re happy to answer all your questions about a particular vehicle, and provide you with printouts of the car’s history and mechanical condition. We’ll walk through the entire car with you and go over any issues in the car’s condition that may affect its value or performance. At AAG, we stand behind all the cars we sell. You can be confident that the cars on our lot are there because we determined they are in great shape, many loaded with amenities and luxury features for you to enjoy at an affordable price, and they will provide you with years of good, reliable service.

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.