Learn About Some Common Reasons Why Car Brakes Squeak

By Product Expert | Posted in Service & Maintenance on Monday, July 31st, 2017 at 4:09 pm
What Causes Car Brakes to Squeak?

What Causes Car Brakes to Squeak? 

At first, you’re driving along with nothing but the sound of your engine and maybe some music playing in the background. Then, you press your foot on the brakes, and they let out an awful squeaking sound. This sound can be a cause for concern for many drivers, so we are here to help you figure out what causes your brakes to squeak and whether they need attention from a professional vehicle service technician. 

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First of all, let’s put one myth to rest right now. Squeaking car brakes isn’t always a sign that something is wrong with them or that they need to be replaced. In fact, there are some instances where squeaking brakes are normal. Have you noticed that after a rain storm, your brakes tend to squeak the first few times you try to use them? That’s because the water causes a thin layer of rust to accumulate on the brake rotors, and the squeak you hear is due to the pads scraping that layer of rust off when the brakes are used. This is completely normal. 

Sounds and Signs Your Brakes Need Fixing or Replacing 

rusty car brake rotorsThough noisy brakes aren’t always a sign for concern, as long as that sounds goes away after a little while, there are definitely some situations you’ll want to watch out for. So, what other reasons might your car brakes be squeaking. 

One reason may be that your brake pads are thinning, and in this case, the squeaking is actually designed to alert you to this fact. As the brake pads wear, a metal tab edges closer to the rotor. When it makes contact, it will let out a high-pitched squeak to let you know those pads need to be replaced. 

Another thing that can happen is that the brake calipers stick and leave the brakes partially applied. When this happens, something called glazing occurs, where the constant contact hardens the brake pads to cause a squeak. Other things to watch out for include broken anti-rattle clips, or improper lubrication if your car has drum brakes. 

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Now that you understand what some of the common causes for car brake squeaking are, remember that you really only need to be concerned if the noise is consistent and doesn’t stop after a short period of time. To read more automotive tips, check back to the American Automotive Group blog.

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  1. Fidel Martin says:

    Thanks for posting this informative blog. Yes you are right, most of the car drivers thinks there might be some serious problem occur in car’s brake when they heard some sound like squealing, grinding or cunning etc. Squeaking car brakes isn’t always indicate something is wrong with them, or that they need to be replaced. In fact, there are some illustration where squeaking brakes are normal. After a rain storm, your brakes tend to squeak the as the water causes a thin layer of rust to accumulate on the brake rotors, and this is normal. But however inspect your brake in regular interval is good, because sometimes these sounds indicates some serious problem. For any kind of repair and services you can visit https://solomotorsports.net/.

  2. Adam Baldwin says:

    Thanks for sharing the notable causes of a squeaky automotive brake system. I would like to tell that a squeaky brake is a typical thorn in the vehicle owner’s flesh. However, providentially it is relatively effortless and economical to fix. Sometimes, a typical condensation moisture can be the reason behind the squeak in the morning time. While in some other instances, a rust embedded rotor and a worn-out brake pad can give rise to this same complication. Whatever may be the cause, you can’t take any source of irritation lightly, especially when it comes to safety. Rather you should call a car mechanic and upgrade your convertible’s braking system to drive safely on the highway.

  3. Karen maxwell says:

    Brake is an important part of the vehicle which needs maintenance at a regular interval. The causes behind the abnormal behaviors of the brakes needs to be identified and repaired in time. Appearance of unnatural noise while applying the brake could be due to the damaged brake pads. Brake pads are considered as important component of the braking system of the vehicle. So, the condition of the brake pad should be inspected properly and replacement of damaged brake pads is really essential.

  4. Janet Chua says:

    Thanks for sharing such an informative blog. Brakes are one of the important parts of the vehicle and need regular maintenance. Sometimes car brakes produce some abnormal sounds like squeaking, grinding or cunning .Most car brakes squeak due to the effect of rain, dew and condensation. Actually the moisture from rain,dew and condensation collects on the surface of rotors. When moisture collect on the brake rotors it causes a thin layer of rust to form on the rotor surface. But sometimes these noises could create some serious problems. So the brakes need to be inspected at regular interval. For any type of brake service & repair of your Audi, you may visit:

  5. Grace Perez says:

    Thanks for informing the reasons behind the appearance of abnormal sounds while applying braking system. The braking system is one of a key component of the vehicle which plays important role in the performance of the vehicle by reducing its speed. Driving a vehicle with damaged components could be very dangerous. So, the source of the appearance of such sound should be identified and repaired in time.

  6. Deidra Monika says:

    Brake is an important safety component of the car. Sometimes the brakes of the car produce some unusual noise like squeaking. There are different reasons for this. One of the reasons is thinning of brake pads. When the brake pads become thin, we hear an unusual noise like squeaking which alerts us about the fact. Other reasons for squeaking are- sticking of brake calipers, improper lubrication etc. Whenever this squeaking noise is heard continuously for a long period, we should visit a certified auto repair center for brake pad replacement. For this you may refer to:

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