What kind of car should you get your teenager?

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Is it better to buy a teenager a newer car

Is it better to buy a teenager a newer car?

Teen drivers can present a significant challenge for many parents. It is understandable that most parents will put a significant amount of thought into determining what kind of car to get a new driver. So is it better to buy a teenage a newer car? Or is opting for an older, pre-owned car the way to go?

Newer Car Safety Systems

The logic behind buying a learning driver an older pre-owned car is that this will lessen the cost for repair if an accident occurs. Learning drivers are statistically more likely to get in an accident, so some would assume it would be better to buy an older car that will be less of a loss, should an accident happen.

While this logic is not necessarily wrong, there is another side of the coin worth considering. Newer cars are almost always safer than older vehicles. These vehicles have been held to stricter standards, and have to pass tougher safety tests.

Is it better to buy a teenager a newer car

New cars are held to higher crash test standards.

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New cars will also come with many technologies and systems that will prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Safety system breakthroughs like electronic stability control and forward collision mitigation with automatic braking will help prevent your teen driver from being in an accident to begin with.

Many newer cars also offer a variety of different systems designed specifically for learning drivers. These include geo-fencing systems that will allow parents to monitor where their child is driving. Other systems will mute the radio until all occupants have fastened their seat belts.

This does not mean parents should avoid the used car market. Many pre-owned vehicles can be found that offer these important systems.

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