Use This Guide to Properly and Fully Research Your Pre-Owned Vehicle

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Checklist of Things to Look for When Buying a Used Car

The process of buying a car puts a lot of fear in some people, especially when buying pre-owned. There are many questions that might go through a buyers head, such as:

Who owned the car before me and what did they do to it?

Are things going to start falling apart as soon as I drive it home?

Is this vehicle really worth the value that I’m paying for it?

Here at American Automotive Group, we aren’t trying to hide the answers to any of those questions. Before we put a car on sale, we have a checklist of things that need to be completed and properly assessed before you’re able to buy. To help you with your buying experience, we thought we’d put together a similar checklist of things you should look for when buying a used car.

See why you can feel confident in your purchase at American Automotive Group

Like we said, we have nothing to hide, so use this checklist (you can use the image to print it out) to help alleviate your fears and make sure the vehicle your buying is exactly what you want. If you have any questions about our vehicles or about what is contained in this checklist, be sure to contact us.

Used Car Buying Checklist

Used Car Buying Checklist


  • Does the vehicle provide sufficient passenger space?
  • Does the vehicle provide sufficient cargo space?
  • Does the price of the vehicle align somewhat closely with Kelley Blue Book or other pricing guides?
  • Are you able to obtain a vehicle history report?


  • Sufficient tire tread depth
  • No fluid leaks
  • Battery is in optimal condition
  • Level suspension at all four corners
  • All lights, including turn indicators, work
  • Hoses and belts are not overly cracked or dried out
  • Undercarriage is free of excessive rust

During the Test Drive 

  • Visibility is to your liking
  • No unexpected noises to indicate mechanical problems
  • Vehicle provides the acceleration expected
  • Brakes are effective and don’t make noises
  • Vehicle doesn’t excessively pull to one side or the other
  • Instrument cluster is free of warning lights
  • All gauges work
  • All windows work
  • All locks work
  • Air conditioning and heat work
  • Windshield wipers do their job
  • Transmission is smooth
  • Vehicle is free of odor
  • Headline is in optimal condition
  • Seats adjust to your liking

4 Responses to “Use This Guide to Properly and Fully Research Your Pre-Owned Vehicle”

  1. Henry Adkins says:

    There are a number of benefits of owning a pre-owned automobile. That does not mean, buying a second-hand car has no negative effect. Also, it has. The slower rate of depreciation, lower upfront cost, no registration fee, warranty, cheaper insurance- are the profits that a buyer can get after buying a handed-down vehicle. Since there is an availability of multiple options, hence it can never be easy for a shopper to distinguish the lemon from the bunch. In that case, you need to hire a skilled car technician and take a look at the maintenance history of your nominated model, by which you can get the right information about the serviceability of the automobile that you are going to own. N.B- The auto maintenance is one of such aspects that plays a key role both in the process of selection and attainment. So, make sure your vehicle is maintained well to get the maximum penny at the time of treading.

  2. Diana scott says:

    Before buying a used vehicle, a pre-purchase inspection is really essential. By conducting a pre-purchase inspection, we could evaluate the present condition of the vehicle and also could identify damaged components of the vehicle. However, if such inspection is conducted by reliable professionals, then it could be more beneficial. Professional automotive technicians could identify damaged components and aware us about the condition of the vehicle.

  3. Amy Zahirski says:

    People who are economically not stable prefer to buy used cars generally. But before purchasing a used car, we should check for certain things. Such as checking the engine ,checking the gear box and clutch, used car body work checks, checking the wheels and tires etc. It is better if we inspect the entire car by a certified mechanic. Because he has the knowledge of finding out the hidden damage inside the car and get it repaired. Besides this we must check the vehicle history report and car documents.

  4. Deidra Monika says:

    Buying a used car is a complicated process. But most people prefer to buy used cars because of their financial instability. Before purchasing a used car, it is a challenge to select our desired car. We should check a number of things before buying a used car. We should check the car’s condition, registration documents and insurance paper of the car. Apart from this, we should perform a thorough inspection of the car by a certified professional to identify the mechanical issues within it prior to price negotiation.

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